Nude israeli women soldiers

Nude israeli women soldiers

In the latest crisis Public Relations situation attracting headlines worldwide, half-naked pictures of female Israeli soldiers are running in newspapers worldwide. The teenage young women were shown in a variety of poses — in underwear, combat equipment and helmets. It was harmless, dumb pictures these girls took and posted to their Facebook pages.

Half-Naked Female Israeli Soldiers | Ronn Torossian | The Blogs

The footage was put online just days after recruits posted cheeky snaps of themselves wearing only combat helmets with ammo bags to protect their modesty.
The latest set of racy photos published to Facebook by a group of female Israeli soldiers.
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  • In the latest crisis Public Relations situation attracting headlines worldwide, half- naked pictures of female Israeli soldiers are running in....
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How the Israeli Military's Courts Abandon Female Soldiers

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Undraped israeli women soldiers.

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    From wars against forces ten times their strength to counter-terrorist operations, the IDF has seen some shit.